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lol yes vaan is gay

but if u give him a chance he's actually a pretty strong character...but if u notice in all the final fantasies all the gay characters wind up being one of the best....but this was really a great parody. it made me laugh the entire time. and u made alot of good points...to me vain was unexpected as the "big" enemy. but all in all its very well animated and the voice acting is great. keep up the good work.

its a good start

regardless of wat others say. i dont think most of them have actually seen the real movie that u doing the parody about. so there all confused about wats going on. people think that this is ur own story and its not. ur just simply following the movie. and the real movie was also slow in the beginning. so before people give u a low ratting they should of seen the actual movie first. all in all this is a great animation with great voice acting. and it follows the actual movie well

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not bad at all

i used to be in the jazz band before i graduated. and i really like the sound that u have going on there. and if that is improv which i assume it is. its pretty good. and u know ur keys really well also. i did a few improv solo's as well and they werent nearly as good as this. keep up the good work man

Super20SS responds:

Thanks for the compliments.

Pretty tight

I for one didnt even notice the clicking sound until i read that it had one. i actually like the clicking sound it gives the song a certain atmosphere. almost cave like. overall i think its very nice keep up the good work.

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